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The Birthday Child makes the LIVE Rabbit appear!

One of the best kid's shows anywhere!

Comedy, Magic and Juggling geared to the age group you have, but still interesting for the whole family.

Deluxe Package

Balloon animal being made

Facepainting, Live Bunny & Balloon Art

Your Deluxe Package Includes:

  • FACEPAINTING as the guests arrive!
  • MAGIC!
  • Live BUNNY that everyone gets to pet!
  • BALLOON HAT or BALLOON ANIMAL for each child

Between and hour and an hour and a half at the party.

Middle Package

Kids petting bunny

A Show & Balloon sculptures

  • Fantastic Show!
  • Comedy!
  • Magic!
  • Juggling!

Magical Appearance of the Bunny!

Everyone gets to pet the bunny. Then balloon animals or balloon hats for everyone!

Like the Deluxe Package, but without the facepainting activity

45 minutes to one hour in length

Show Only Package

Ann Show Pix
  • Fantastic Show!
  • Comedy!
  • Magic!
  • Juggling!

Magical Appearance of the Bunny!

Everyone gets to pet the real bunny!

Show and bunny petting 35 - 45 minutes

Big Kids Packages

Escape from strait jacket

Big Kid Extra Options

Instead of face painting and balloons, you may substitute (or add) one of the following teaching sessions:

How to Juggle - The beginning

  • 3 ball pattern is demonstrated followed by coaching while the kids practice.
  • Jr. 3 ball kits are available at wholesale cost.

How to Make your own Balloon Animal

  • Instruction & tips to create a balloon dog, followed by other animal variations.
  • Practice balloons will be provided at no extra charge.

Special Shows that can be geared for ages 8 or 9 on up to teens!

Does your child think that they are too old for a "magic show"? Tell them to think again!

Ann Lincoln's BIG KIDS SHOW includes routines that have left even the most jaded audience member wide-eyed and speechless.

Impress older kids & adults with this show that brings to your home stunts that Ann has performed all across the country. Routines not usually seen in the 8 & under kids show packages.

Big Kids Packages can include:

  • Card Tricks!
  • Spectacular Knife Juggling!
  • A Difficult Strait Jacket Escape!
  • Ann might even Juggle Bowling Balls!

And last but not least:

The birthday person will get an up close view of the fire-eating finale that ends with the appearance of the magic bunny!

Other Packages

Kids at party

Don't see exactly what you wanted? Interested in a different combination? (face painting with a show, but no balloons? Or face painting only? Something else?)

Ann Lincoln is willing to work with you to try and provide the exact entertainment package that best suits your needs. If she can't do it, she will do her best to direct you to someone who can.

Call or email with any questions or comments.


Kids love the show


"I liked the show, the bunny was pretty." Sara
"I really liked the bunny and especially the balloon hat you made for me-I still have it!! My friends had fun too." Jillian
"I loved your show! When is your birthday? You know when mine is - of course.." Nicholas


"You were simply the hit of the party! Thank you so much for the outstanding entertainment! Days after our party friends and neighbors were coming by and commenting on how great you were." Susan Ward
"Thank you for a fantastic job at Sarah's birthday party. Kids of all ages really loved your act!" Besty, Doug & Sarah Lane
"You were the highlight of the party and arrived at just the right moment! What joy (and order) you brought!" Dianne Clark
"You were great! We will be in touch next year...I want your job." Annie Coggeshall


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